Hey, I'm Lauren Duell.

I’m a Junior Animation major attending Bradley University with a minor in User-Experience Design. Visual development and animation production are my passions, and I specialize in programs such as Toon Boom Harmony, the Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Teams. My experiences working as a sketch artist for the multiplayer game Toontown Rewritten as well as interning for KFLO Entertainment has expanded my knowledge of the production pipeline, art integration, and game development.
Beyond that, I have actively participated in animation and game design projects, some of which have even placed in global contests. In my free time, I enjoy watching Tom & Jerry as well as getting coffee with friends on the weekend.

Awards and Accomplishments

“Applied Excellence in Animation” – Bradley University 2023
“Applied Excellence in Animation” – Bradley University 2024
1st place – Bradley University’s “12to12” Animation Contest 2023 – A Spark of Life
1st place – Bradley University’s “12to12” Animation Contest 2024 – A Necessary Sacrifice
1st place – Bradley University’s Speaker’s Spotlight Contest 2023 
4th place – “Storytelling/Narrative” category in IndieCade Game Jam – Litty’s Legacy
9th place – “24Hours” Global Animation challenge 2022 – QBpi

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